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Things You Should Know About Renovating Your Home – Part 2

Things You Should Know About Renovating Your Home – Part 2

During your renovations, you have an opportunity to integrate smart technology into your house and make things easier and more environmentally conscious at the same time. Smart technology can let you control systems remotely from a computer or cell phone and some can even adapt and react to how you

Things You Should Know About Renovating Your Home

Things You Should Know About Renovating Your Home

Before going full tilt and full steam ahead on your renovation project, there’s more than a few things to keep in mind before, during and after every stage of planning. It’s extremely easy to focus on the shine and sheen of what it’ll look like and all the other aesthetics

reno new build

Reno vs a New Build: 10 Things to Consider

Are you considering doing renovations to your home? Or would it be better for you and your family to build an entirely new home? This article will help you decide.

Open concept living room

How to Make an Open Floor Plan Work for You

We all want unobstructed open spaces, but once we have an open floor plan, what do we do with all that space? It can be a luxury and a curse at the same time. In the past, our walls divided spaces; it was clear where one space ended and another

luxury custom plumbing and appliances

Luxury Custom Home: Choose Plumbing and Appliances Early

When you are designing the blueprints of your luxury custom home, plumbing and appliance decisions may not be top-of-mind. However, plumbing and appliances need to be chosen very early on. Details about Blueprints in another blog, Blueprints – Custom Home Build: What Do I Need to Know (Part 4) Once

Make Lighting a Priority in your Custom Built Home

The right lighting highlights your home’s design, maximizing beautiful design elements and illuminating its functionality. While most luxury homeowners appreciate good lighting, it’s often an afterthought to the overall design… when it needs to be a high priority. An important function of lighting is to allow tasks to be completed

The Manor - Kitchen - Above the charcoal island are 3 black iron pendant light fixtures wrapped around a sparkling string of chrome and crystal.

Are you Ready to Build a New Home?

Are you ready to build a new home? A first step is understanding the financials, which we discuss in previous blog, Understanding the Cost of Building a New Home. In it, we talk about costs and expenses and what to expect when building your new home. You Have a Budget

Understanding the Cost of Building a New Home

I remember when I was young and my dad had mentioned that someone he knew had purchased a million dollar home, I thought it must be a palace! He described it as a grand castle-like mansion which overlooked the river and had an 10 foot cream coloured stone fence all

Should You Have a Plan Before Finding a Builder?

We are often asked by clients if they should have a plan before finding a home builder. It may seem like a good idea to start with a plan; however, there are many different approaches when it comes to planning a new home build. Some people come to us with

How Much Square Footage Do I Need?

How much square footage you require will depend on the list of needs and wants in your home. During our first meeting with new clients, we do a “needs assessment” to find out which spaces are occupied the most and how many people will be using that space. Once your

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