Things You Should Know About Renovating Your Home – Part 2

During your renovations, you have an opportunity to integrate smart technology into your house and make things easier and more environmentally conscious at the same time. Smart technology can let you control systems remotely from a computer or cell phone and some can even adapt and react to how you use them. They’ll get to know how warm or how cool you like your home and adjust temperatures accordingly. This is one feature that is definitely worth the investment to put in now and having your home run that much more efficiently for future days.

Everyone likes the look of a natural wood floor and there’s nothing saying that you can’t get one but have you really thought it all the way through? Before picking out what wood you want to use, think about it in a logical sense. In the kitchen, tiles might make more sense than a wooden floor because of the possibility of water damage. With all the cooking and entertaining that is done in the kitchen, are you prepared to look after your flooring, in those situations? While it’ll look beautiful in the kitchen, it might not be worth all the hassle especially with the area around the sink, where it will most likely show signs of wear and tear. It’s the same thing with using carpet upstairs, would that be better than hardwood flooring in the hallway?

Don’t forget to consider ventilation when you’re drawing up your reno plans. Try incorporating one or two smaller windows for ventilation, this is even more necessary for living spaces with large areas. A sliding door with a screen or a wide bi-fold door – both enable easy access to the backyard, patio or BBQ area, are great for ventilation and let’s enjoy the outdoors during the summer. Keep in mind that during colder days, you’ll only want a small opening to ventilate the room.

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