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The Manor – Great Room – The open concept great room is flooded with natural light and a grand space with 13 foot ceilings. This room’s coffer ceiling repeats the chocolate brushed oak in the adjacent dining room. The polished stone floor to ceiling fireplace and wide plank brushed oak hardwood add sophistication and comfort to this space.
Imagine purchasing a new home… the pride of ownership, the excitement of taking this first step. At Canterbury Homes we feel privileged to be part of your journey. There are many steps in purchasing your new home…to learn more, keep reading!

To get started, there are some initial decisions:

  1. Which neighborhood would suit your family’s lifestyle?

    Your neighborhood says a lot about you, it’s the place you intend to grow roots with your loved ones. Here are some suggestions:

    1. Consider distance to work/amenities/shopping
    2. Close to desirable schools/parks
    3. Architectural standards/curb appeal
    4. Proximity to friends/family
  2. Select the style of home and square footage.

    Your home is as unique as you are. When choosing a style of home there are many considerations:

    1. Bungalow or two story design
    2. Amount of bedrooms and baths
    3. Open concept plan
    4. Home office space
    5. Garage options (size/preferences)
  3. A realistic budget
  4. Time frame

Canterbury Homes will be your integral partner during this decision making process.

With some decisions made, we move into customizing your blueprints taking into consideration special features and making your home personalized. Find your inspiration… you have the opportunity to chose all finishes and fixtures. Start by looking through home magazines. Group room photos together until you have compiled enough information to give you direction. The interior design of your home is meant to reflect the personality and style of your family – embrace it! Let’s learn your story together…
Now that the costing is completed, you can finalize your mortgage. Your mortgage specialist will review the down payment requirement and the details of your mortgage approval. Find a mortgage that suits your budget. Your mortgage specialist will help you decide which options are best for you. Your down payment amount can vary depending on the type of loan you choose and the total amount of the mortgage. Once the mortgage is approved, the building process officially begins.

Your blueprints are complete, your mortgage is in place, paperwork is signed off, and you have made your selections to personalize your home.

The building process is underway…

The building process begins once building and development permits are approved.

Foundation – The lot is surveyed and staked out, and then the ground is excavated. Form boards are put in place where concrete is poured to form the foundation walls.

Structure – Your home will start to take shape once the framing of the walls and roof are completed by construction professionals. Windows are installed and the roofing material is complete. This is also called the ‘close up’ stage.

Rough-ins – Your homes infrastructure is created when the utilities of the home are complete. Electrical, heating, plumbing and AV wiring are all roughed in and ready for drywall and insulation.

Exterior – During this stage, the home’s exterior walls are finished and the interior work will now begin.

Insulation/Drywall – All exterior walls and ceilings are now installed with energy efficient insulation. Once the inspection of insulation is complete, all walls and ceilings will be dry walled.

Interior – Many of the finishes and fixtures you have previously selected are now being installed. Your home is beginning to have its own personal style.


Your home is complete; you have done your final walk through and are ready to move into your new home. All legal paperwork is finalized, you are officially a homeowner. Congratulations!

As members of the Alberta New Home Warranty Program, it is mandatory to complete a “Certificate of Possession”. This ensures a thorough final home tour and that the home is completed to your satisfaction. Information regarding maintaining and operating your new home will be provided at that time.

Being organized will be your biggest asset. Here are a few checklist items:

  • Decide on a mover
  • Amend home insurance
  • Out with the old, sort through what stays and goes
  • Arrange appliance delivery
  • Confirm utility / telephone / internet / satellite /cable hook ups
  • Address change for bank accounts, bills, credit cards, drivers licence and registration, schools etc.

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