How to Choose a Rug That Fits

When designing any room, there are multiple components that work together to create cohesion. One of our favourite staple pieces for bedrooms and living areas are rugs. The colour and design of a rug can completely transform a space and pull things together, but a major component that is often overlooked is how the size affects the room.

As we begin a new build or a renovation, we start with the big picture and work our way down to the details. The staple pieces of a room always come to us relatively early in the process, and that includes rugs.

In order for everything to work together, a rug has to fit a space in more ways than one.

In order for everything to work together, a rug has to fit a space in more ways than one. First, it needs to fit in spacious terms, it’s about scale. Choosing a too-small rug is a common mistake. An area rug should fit under all key pieces of furniture, and should go far enough under a couch that at least the couch’s front legs—and if you prefer its back legs too—can be on it.

Another component of “fitting” is the aesthetic. Does the colour and pattern add to the overall feel of the room? Does it work together with or clash against your furniture pieces? If your furniture is more ornate, opt for a neutral rug to avoid too much busyness – although if you love “more is more” then go for it! If your furniture is neutral, you have more freedom to experiment with fun designs, maybe you change your rug seasonally to get a new look during the year. Secondly, do you have pets or little ones? Something with a shorter pile will be easier to maintain.

Finding the perfect rug (or rugs) can be a game changer for your new space. Let’s find the right fit together! Call us today so we can start together!

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