Canterbury Recommends: Large Format Tiles

One of our favourite experiences is walking into a home and immediately feeling the luxury of it. There are many components that contribute to a luxurious atmosphere: parquet flooring and high quality fixtures, for example. One that we have been fascinated with recently are large format tiles. Their use in bathrooms, kitchens, main spaces, and even closets can not only transform those spaces, but can elevate the overall feel of your home.

Timeless splendor

Selecting large tiles over small is becoming a more consistent choice in design as it provides a timeless component to prominent areas of your home. There are fewer grout lines, which in turn creates smooth and uninterrupted surfaces that are pleasing to the eye.

All an illusion

Using visual illusions in interior design is a brilliant trick to learn when designing spaces. By using long rectangular tiles, your gaze is immediately drawn along them, creating the illusion of larger and longer surfaces. The use of large tiles in small spaces can assist in reducing the feeling of claustrophobia or discomfort, while the use of them in large spaces can improve the grandeur effect.

Efficiency at it’s finest

Besides their beauty, large tiles bring several more benefits. They are substantially easier to clean due to less grout. Depending on the materials, large format tiles are often made with porcelain, which means they are durable. As far as cost goes, they are a premium product; cost of the materials and labor are more expensive as there is extra prep involved prior to installation.

Why they are right for you:

  • They reflect a clean, uninterrupted aesthetic throughout your house
  • Your time is valuable, less grout means less cleaning and more time to do things you enjoy
  • They come in a wide variety of styles to suit everyone’s taste

My friends at Tierra Sol offer a range of large format tiles called the EKXtreme Series, which come in beautiful cements, marbles, and stones. I love the way this series can take a space to a new level. 
Using large format tiles can enormously transform your home, and we would love to be a part of the transformation with you. Did you know we do luxury renovations? Call us today so we can start together!

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