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When approaching home design, it is great to pull inspiration from sources that you admire. Whether that’s other homes you’ve been in, magazines, Pinterest, TV shows, or any other areas, finding inspiration can be a great way to visualize your ideas and find what type of design you’re drawn to. Studio McGee recently released the third season of their Netflix show, “Dream Home Makeover”, and alongside showing renovation projects, they provide audiences with design ideas and tips that strongly align with the way that we approach our projects as well. 

Open concept floor plans have been quite popular for several years. The problem that they can present is the difficulty of breaking up spaces within one large room. Shea and Syd show examples of this often, and in this season they present their skills through both a basement renovation as well as a bedroom renovation. It was very intriguing for us to watch them tackle the challenge of creating open rooms that have separate spaces that also flow in a very similar way that we do.

A design aspect that we avoid is “themed” spaces in terms of it being literal. In season two, a family requests a beach themed room. Rather than using literal items like shells or signs, they use a method that we love, which is aiming to evoke the feeling that the requested theme gives you, rather than designing in the literal way. By using certain tones, textiles, and materials, the airy feeling that the beach evokes is able to be replicated within the home without worry of it feeling dated.

Although we primarily see them renovate specific areas rather than full home renovations, they always prioritize the cohesion of spaces and how the whole house can tie together. Our main focus in our business is large renovations of new or existing homes, and using materials and colours to provide cohesion is completely essential. Each room needs to pay homage to the room next to it. For example – when choosing a colour scheme; layers of those colours and textures can be used differently throughout your space but kept within that palette. Adding an odd colour choice that doesn’t speak the same language as your palette can be visually confusing.  

Each room needs to pay homage to the room next to it.

We could go on all day about the tips that we live by that are shared in Dream Home Makeover, but if you haven’t watched it already, you should! We would love to discuss with you ways that we can use elements that inspire you to create spaces that are completely perfect for you in the Canterbury Homes way. 

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