Home Renovation and New Build Timelines in Post-Covid Edmonton Housing Market

I’m writing this blog post to share some information about what you can expect in the construction timeline for a new or renovated house. I hope that this article will give you some insight into how long it takes to build a new home and its process. The construction timeline can vary depending on your location and the builders you work with. Still, in Central Alberta, most projects are facing challenges right now.

I did some research to find the causes of these significant delays in the construction material supply chains. I spoke with Karoline Reid from a flooring supply company in Edmonton, Action Flooring and Ashleigh Jewell, an Architectural Rep for Dal-Tile and American Olean.

Karoline (Action Flooring) said manufacturers are all delayed. Construction materials and products are taking longer than usual to arrive. She spoke to her manufacturers and put together some reasons for us.

  1. Shipping timelines have increased, there are delays at the ports.
  2. Shortage of workers at most shipping/warehouse facilities.
  3. Shutdowns of mills due to Covid.
  4. A [system-wide] backlog that most companies are trying to work through.
  5. Shortage of raw materials for manufacturing.

Karoline also provided us with some insight on new material timelines specific to the flooring industry. These timelines are similar to what we can expect in the more general construction materials market in Edmonton.

  • Hardwood; 4-8 weeks
  • Tile; 3-8 weeks, 16+ weeks for custom made to order tiles
  • Carpet; 3-6 weeks
  • Vinyl planks and laminate; 3-6 weeks

“These are approximate timelines. The supply chain and manufacturing demands are ever-changing; however, there are still manufacturers that have materials on hand and available in stock.” She reminded me, and “When choosing products for a project, be mindful to choose something in-stock and available to keep short timelines,” Karoline Reid recommends.

I also interviewed Ashleigh Jewell (Dal-Tile/American Olean) to get a better understanding of the tile supply in Edmonton. She educated me on her companies’ ability to leverage a short supply chain. 85% of their product is manufactured in the U.S. She promises that their company can deliver most items in 2 weeks. She also informed me that they have more control over their pricing.

Through my research, I learned to have a backup plan. Have contingencies in mind when planning all of your construction materials and products because it will be vital for the project’s success in both cost and timeline management.

When I plan renovations or build for my clients, I will have two primary options (call them choices A and B) and constantly watch the stock. I might expand this to more depending on how the market evolves. It’s important to continue to order early and diligently follow up on expected delivery dates.

Pro-tip: Structure the colour scheme of your project and the style so that more options will work if you need to follow through on a contingency plan – to avoid disappointment and delays.

I hope that this blog post has been helpful from the construction timeline to what you can expect in terms of delays. With a few tips and tricks, it may be possible for your project to stay on track despite these challenges. The fundamentals of knowing and planning still hold true. It’s just that in this market, we must factor in more contingencies. More time will be needed before starting any major work to don’t over or under-order materials. Be sure to contact me if there’s anything else we can help with! I’m online often and am ready to answer any questions about the Sherwood Park and Edmonton housing market.

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