Mood boards – Part 2

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Now before you start creating your mood board, keep your eyes open and be aware of all the inspiration you come into contact with. Start with being ready to snap a picture on your daily travels, you never know what you may come across and this is made so much easier with the camera in our cell phones. Don’t forget to gather items or materials that you fancy, as you see them; postcards, plaques, tags and collectibles – it might not seem relevant at the time but being open minded will stretch your imagination.

Creating a mood board by hand

If you’re creating your mood board by hand, it’s best to use a canvas or at least some construction paper or heavy card stock, depending on how large you want to make it. Use glue or tape to put together your materials, layering and overlapping to help you visualize how your individual ideas will look when combined. Be sure to sketch out a rough template and play around with the layout first, before you stick them down – this will save you time and limit your frustration.

Larger mood board? No problem

If you want to make a larger mood board or think you’ll need one, try using a foam base before covering it with your chosen items. Use pins to stick down your materials so that you can move them around as you see fit; using an equal mix of images, fabrics and colour swatches to really get your creative juices flowing. 

Let your imagination flow

Regardless of how you decide to approach the creation of your mood board, make sure you include any colour or texture as well as any idea you have or that comes to mind – no matter how vague it may be. All of these things will get you off to a strong start and help bring your ideas to life, transforming your design into a reality.

We hope you have a great time creating your future mood boards! We can’t wait to see what you come up with. If you have any questions about mood boards, or anything else, give us a call!

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