Can You Stay In Your House During A Reno? – Part 2

You might think staying in your house during a home renovation is a smart idea because you avoid the extra cost of an extended stay in a hotel or paying for other accommodations. This can actually make the construction process take much longer, which only adds to the cost and isn’t staying in your house to save money the whole point? Living in the house delays almost every aspect because crews need to take account of your presence and schedule their work accordingly. Like turning off the electricity and water only when the homeowners are out, not starting too early or being too loud so as to not interrupt people’s sleep and having to make other changes in order to be less disruptive. If you weren’t at home and allowed the crews to work at the most efficient speed possible, the project can be finished sooner, which in turn, makes for a smaller budget, costing you less money in the end.

You don’t always have to vacate your home when you make significant and meaningful changes; there are times that you can stay in your home during house renovations. If your renovation project only affects a small, isolated area of the house and will not require the utilities to be turned off for extended periods of time, you can stay in your home while they’re being finished. Projects like finishing a basement, adding a room or extending an outside portion to the house are common examples of home renovation that doesn’t require you to live elsewhere during construction.

So if you’re looking to remodel your home, one of the biggest questions to answer before you even get started is whether or not you can stay in your home throughout the renovation process. Once you’ve answered that, you can start planning and designing with no fear of where you’re going to lay your head for the next little bit.

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