Can You Stay In Your House During A Reno?

The prospect of renovating your home is very exciting and sometimes an absolutely necessary endeavour but there’s one main thing to consider before you even start jotting down your ideas on any potential changes to your home – can I stay in the house during the home renovation process?

Many families are fearful of the possibility of being ‘homeless’ while the project is completed. One of the most asked questions during a renovation is if they will be able to live in the house while the home is being renovated. It’s not as simple as yes or no, there are many factors that can affect whether or not this living arrangement is possible.

What is the scope of the renovation? Is it an entire house redo or another major construction project? For the most part, it’s unlikely that staying in the home will be feasible especially if the walls are being torn down or the roof is removed to add a second floor. These are obvious reasons that would make your home uninhabitable during the construction process because this could be dangerous for you and your family. 

What if it’s only one room that’s being renovated? Surely it wouldn’t be a problem to stay in the house then, right? Take into consideration your day to day activities, how would this one room affect you, if it wasn’t able to be used? You might think you can do without the kitchen for a short period of time but this can become very disruptive to your routine particularly if you have children. If you only have one bathroom or one bathroom with one shower and bathtub, you should definitely make other living arrangements. Imagine sharing one half bathroom with your entire family and then having to go to grandma’s just to shower? Doesn’t sound too appealing, does it?

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