Things You Should Know About Renovating Your Home – Part 3

With a renovation, it can be a time to think about wasted space or under-utilized areas and possibly the chance to increase storage.
For example, the area below the stairs is generally used for storage but it’s usually jammed full of stuff and it’s even harder to get at that stuff. Dividing the space into drawers and cupboards are great solutions that will allow you to maximize this area.

Storage space is like money, you can never get enough of it! For every room that’s in your renovation, take time to think about what you actually need in there and make it a part of the design. From easy access storage or a space where you stow things away to be used only at certain times of the year – when you designate storage space, it’s more efficient and useful than a cupboard that you just throw stuff in.

Discovering ways to add clever details that will help you with every day tasks can make life that much easier. For instance, if you have a laundry room, make sure the space is used as efficiently as possible, thinking about what kind of equipment and storage you’ll need. Putting your washer and dryer on risers with pull out drawers accomplishes two things – you don’t have to bend over when using them and you’ll gain storage space below for laundry detergent, fabric softener or even laundry baskets.

It may not be a very interesting part of your design plan but what about coats? What about them? Where are they going to go? It’s not something you think about when you’re at home because you only wear coats when you go out – you still have to make room for them. Building a small cupboard off your hallway or a closet that’s tucked out of the way will be an important addition. No one wants coats being piled up on the end of the stairs, on the bannister or worse yet, on the floor. Even a small bench near the front door with cubbyholes for bags and storage for shoes will help immensely.

Renovating doesn’t have to be just about adding in something new, it can be re-purposing an area or building up a forgotten feature – the sky is the limit!

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