Luxury Home Spa: Decadent Therapeutic Baths and Steam Showers

Imagine, close your eyes… If the sky was the limit for your home spa, what would your dream tub or steam shower do for you?

When thinking about the word “decadent”… What comes to mind? If we were talking about dessert, the reference would be the epitome of flavor and texture gratification.

The dictionary definition of decadence is “characterized by or appealing to self-indulgence – excessive or unrestrained gratification of one’s own appetites, desires or whims.”

I would like to heighten your senses and show you what is possible in Alberta for luxury baths and steam showers that you can have in the custom home that you build with us.

Cutting-Edge Therapeutic Baths for Ultimate Relaxation

BainUltra is a cutting-edge leading company when it comes to therapeutic baths. Below are a few models and supreme options that are available to you:

Get a hydro-thermo massage from BainUltra’s ThermoMasseur Ultra. The ThermoMasseur Ultra is much more than bathtub. It creates an effective, even massage experience with its jets and warmth. It uses “Geysair” technology to reheat and humidify the air jets to maintain consistently warm water temperatures.

“When water, warmth and air are combined, they create a hydro-thermo massage – an energizing massage for the body” – BainUltra

“The therapy air jets produce vigorously bubbling water that deliver an acupressure effect. The massage encourages a feel-good physiological chain reaction from head to toe, reducing stress, relaxing muscles and eliminating toxins.” – BainUltra

BainUltra also offers a superior drainage system to ensure there are no stagnant water or hygiene issues.

The therapeutic ThermaSens bath delivers three sensory experiences: Aromatherapy, chromatherapy, and thermotherapy.

1. Aromatherapy

The ThermaSens tub uses an AromaCloud diffuser that is seamlessly integrated into the bath deck. The diffuser releases a delicate mist of essential oils that are quickly absorbed through the skin and respiratory system. For a relaxing or calming session, use lavender, patchouli, or sandalwood oil.

For a pick-me-up, try peppermint, clove, or cinnamon.

1 – 2 drops of essential oil are enough for a 30 minute session.

2. Chromatherapy

A light-up bathtub isn’t just fun to look at. The ThermaSens uses an LED lighting system in six colours to help you achieve balance and harmony.

“Color can have a transformative effect on the human body, directly affecting your physical and psychological states. Chromatherapy is a scientifically proven phenomenon, not merely a decorative trend. The vibrations emanating from colors can have a calming, energizing, or centring effect, making chromatherapy a potent tool for achieving equilibrium and harmony” – BainUltra.

Ideal sessions are 15 – 20 minutes. Watch the video to learn more about chromatherapy.

3. Thermotherapy

There are three heating zones available in your ThermaSens tub: the headrest, backrest, and seat. The heat increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients through your blood. Each area will warm up to a relaxing 38.5 degrees Celsius within four minutes.

30 minute sessions are suggested.

They also offer a line of complementary products:

  • Leg rest
  • Bath pillow
  • Comfort cushion
  • Relaxation chair and foot rest (to continue your relaxing once your soak time is complete)

The Height of Bathroom Luxury: Steam Shower Options

steam shower thermasol
Photo courtesy of ThermaSol

If you are looking for the crème de la crème in steam showers, this is the one for you:

A Home Spa Essential: ThermaSol Ultimate Steam Shower

The Ultimate Steam Shower Package from ThermaSol gives you “a full multi-sensory home spa experience.” The list of features this system comes with is impressive! Here are some highlights:

The Serenity Light, Sound Rainhead offers Chromatherapy with seven color options; blue, indigo, violet, red, orange, yellow and green.

It also offers a mood light mode “which generates a soothing spectrum of gradually changing colors.”

The system also features a 7” in-shower touch screen control panel (Therma Touch Control) which resembles an ipad and offers WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities.

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The high-performance audio system that you control with the touch screen offers sound AND visualization. There are a number of options to transport you to a magical place. The screen offers nine relaxing pre-programmed natural sound and image scenes.

Imagine relaxing in your decadent steam shower… Cue lights, lean back, and relax to the sights and sounds of “Beach Zen’s” rolling waves or enjoy a golden sunset. A soothing balance of sight and sound.

Picture quiet, retractable, safe steam heads that offer integral aromatherapy. How does the aroma of French lavender or Italian bergamot citrus sound? There are 11 aromatherapy oils to choose from… Sounds heavenly.

The Theraputic Care Unit: Verdana

Another steam shower system for your home spa is the Therapeutic Care Unit, Vedana from BainUltra.

“This product, which is unique to BainUltra, was designed to help users experience guided meditation that involves all the senses and promotes a change in their physical and emotional state.” – BainUltra

This innovative alternative therapy creates sensory experiences. Here are the five different types of therapy you will experience with the Verdana:

1. Dry Thermal Therapy: This involves using low humidity dry heat to improve blood flow, eliminate toxins, and revive skin.

2. Chromatherapy: A treatment that uses the affect of color on the body to bring about changes (see Chromatherapy description under “ThermaSens”).

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3. Light Therapy: Light can have an energizing effect on the body. The Verdana uses lights to help regulate your body’s circadian rhythm to improve sleep, increase your ability to concentrate, improve mood, and reduce the effects of jet lag.

4. Aromatherapy: The Vedana uses a delicate mist of essential oils to reduce stress and anxiety, which bolsters the immune system and improves mood.

5. Sound therapy: With the Verdana shower system, you’ll experience music therapy. It “uses music (with various wavelengths and frequencies) to re-establish physical and emotional equilibrium.” The benefits of music therapy are reduced stress and help with stabilizing mood swings.

That’s not where the options end…

The Vedana also offers “four guided and specially calibrated experiences designed to bring out an altered state.”

1. Freedom – Tune out and empty your mind.

2. Harmony – Find your center, your balance, your harmony.

3. Wonder – Open up to the extraordinary wonders of the world.

4. Love – Meditate on gratitude and love.

home spa makes you feel relaxed

You now have a glimpse of what is possible. Do you continue to dream or will you take the next step to self-care?

Give yourself the possibility of decadence, a home spa for your daily enjoyment… Who else would deserve it more? With time spent on yourself, you will see the sun a little brighter, find the air a little fresher, and feel your spirits soar!


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