35 Luxury Porcelain Ideas for Your Custom Home

35 Porcelain Tile Ideas

Architects, interior designers, and homeowners alike are enamored with porcelain tile. It is made from clay that has been hard-pressed into molds and kiln-fired at extremely high temperatures, making it one of the hardest, most durable tiles available. It stands up to heavy foot traffic, resists chips, scratches and etching, making it ideal for use as flooring tile.

Porcelain tile is also non-porous, making it superior water-, frost-, and mildew resistant. These are essential qualities if you’re planning on using it anywhere that sees a lot of moisture, such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, mudrooms, kitchens, even outdoors.

Homeowners also choose porcelain tile is due to it’s lower cost and endurance.  It is a more durable substitute for natural stone tiles such as travertine, marble, slate, ceramic styles, and even wood. High-definition printing can recreate the natural veining and fissures of marble tile, the natural grain of wood, and the metallic shine and beauty of metal tile.

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Porcelain Tile Ideas for Your Kitchen

Backsplashes are only the beginning with porcelain tile in the kitchen. Since it is so durable and has superior water-resistance, you can use it for flooring or even countertops.

Always wanted the clean, classic look of marble in your kitchen? You can achieve that look for a lower cost with porcelain tile. Want hardwood in your kitchen without the upkeep or worry of damage? As an added benefit, your hardwood tiled floor is also pet friendly – no scratches to be concerned about.

See examples of those looks and more below.

Pros of using porcelain tile in the kitchen:

  • Very durable. Doesn’t scratch or scuff like softer materials.
  • Water resistant: water won’t seep into cracks like with natural stone or get between planks like with laminate or hardwood.
  • You can get the look of marble, stone, wood, etc, with look-alike porcelain tiles.

Cons of using porcelain tile in the kitchen:

  • Since porcelain tile is so hard, almost anything made of glass (including brittle dishes) can break when they are dropped on porcelain tile flooring.
  • You’re usually standing for long periods of time while creating culinary masterpieces in the kitchen, porcelain tile flooring is very hard underfoot. To alleviate foot pain, try supportive rugs in areas you’ll be standing on; in front of the sink, oven, or along the counter areas.
  • Tiles themselves won’t stain, however the grout between them may. If anything gets onto the grout, clean it quickly. For tougher stains, rigorous cleaning or re-grouting may be required. There are also new stain resistant grouts on the market, check with your local flooring retailer.

Top 5 Porcelain Tile Ideas for the Kitchen

#1 Wood-look porcelain tile flooring in the kitchen
Distressed, light-coloured, wood-look porcelain tile has been very popular for the last couple of years. In this particular kitchen, the tile is a beautiful complement to the mix of colours and shapes of the dark wood furniture, white cabinetry, and marble countertops.

Wood Look Porcelain Tile for kitchen , entry , den , possibilities are endless

#2 Stone-look glazed porcelain tile for the kitchen floor with grey mesh mosaic porcelain tile for the backsplash
This kitchen is all about continuity, using the same colour of porcelain tiles for the flooring and backsplash. Grey is extremely popular in Edmonton, partly because of the decorating versatility. See below how great it looks with natural colours such as the brown leather seated chairs, a beige rug, and greenery.


#3 Porcelain flooring and porcelain tile for the island in the kitchen
These colourful glazed Italian porcelain tiles are an option for walls, and backsplashes. The owner of this kitchen chose to arrange them in an eclectic style on the side of their kitchen island adding a bit of fun and whimsy to the space. The floors are a white pine coloured porcelain tile.

Boulder Remodel - Whole Home- Kitchen

#4 Marble-look porcelain tile backsplash in the kitchen
Here you see how well porcelain tiles can mimic the unique veining found in authentic marble. You can create the marble look without the extra maintenance!

City studio apartment

#5 Porcelain countertops in the kitchen
This countertop is made of Neolith, a product retailers have used extreme ways to show its strength. They’ll attempt to scratch it with screwdrivers until it throws sparks, aim a flamethrower at it, and pour all kinds of liquids on it–none of which will make a mark! The added bonus is it looks stunning.

Neolith Kitchen Lounge

Porcelain Tile Ideas for Your Bathroom

In the bathroom, material choices that will withstand water will give you peace of mind. With porcelain tile, you get the best of both worlds; water resistance and depending on your style, you can create a relaxing haven or an inspiring room to get you going in the morning.

Pros of using porcelain tile in the bathroom:

  • Porcelain tile is easy to clean. Sweeping up hairs, sand, or dirt is done with ease.
  • Splash a little water? No need to worry, porcelain is water resistant.
  • Many creative options with versatile designs and finishes.

Cons of using porcelain tile in the bathroom:

  • You will need to be careful with breakable objects. If your gorgeous soap dish hits the floor, it will probably break on contact with porcelain tile.
  • The grout can stain, wipe up spills quickly.
  • Polished porcelain tile can be slippery, if you go with a polished finish, be sure to put down some non-slip mats or rugs.

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Top 5 Porcelain Tile Ideas for the Bathroom

#1 Glazed metallic-looking porcelain tiles for the tub surround and vertical wall feature
In this bathroom you see how two completely different looks can be achieved with porcelain tile. Linear beige polished porcelain tiles on the walls are the perfect complement to the metallic-looking porcelain tiles that surround the tub and run vertically up the wall.

Lansel Rd, Toorak

#2 Porcelain tile that look like marble for the floor and walls in the bathroom
Marble-looking porcelain tiles are a great alternative to real marble as they require less care and maintenance. This bathroom uses porcelain tiles to cover the floors and shower walls. They also compliment the marble countertop.


#3 Marble-look porcelain tile for the bathroom wall
Australian tile manufacturer, Rex, creates these stunning porcelain tiles in a variety of colours and unique patterns. This bathroom wall shows one colour and shape, you can see more of these beautiful tiles on their website.


#4 Wood-look porcelain tile for the wall around behind the tub in the bathroom
Wood-look porcelain tile on the walls in this contemporary bathroom give the space a warm, relaxing feel. The contrast of a wood wall “look”, lets the oval free-standing tub be the center of attention. It gives the look of the real thing without the concern of warping that can be caused by moisture.

3352 Mission Flat

#5 Porcelain tile backsplash, bathtub surround, shower wall, and floors in the bathroom
These porcelain tiles cover almost the entire bathroom and offer the look and variety found in natural stone. The grout between each tile frame allow the viewer to appreciate the tiles’ brick pattern.

Raveninside Interior Design

Porcelain Tile Ideas for Your Living Room

Usually the largest room in your house, your living room, is where you will likely spend a lot of time. Guests are entertained over wine and cheese or relaxing with your loved ones while you watch a movie or catch up on your favorite shows. You want your living room to be relaxing, low maintenance and comfortable.

Pros of using porcelain tile in the living room

  • Available in stylish colours and designs.
  • It is very durable and difficult to damage with high heels or heavy furniture.

Cons of using porcelain tile in the living room

  • It is a hard material for flooring – for added comfort underfoot, an option is to place an area rug on it.
  • If your home doesn’t have in-floor heating, porcelain tile floors can be cold on your feet.
  • Be careful with glazed tiles as they can be slippery when wet.

Top 5 Porcelain Tile Ideas for the Living Room

#1 Wood-look porcelain tile flooring in the living room
Grey wood-look porcelain tile is very trendy right now! This versatile material is carried over from the kitchen to the living room and is complemented by a yin and yang effect of the white table paired with dark chairs and sofas.  Using the same flooring material also expands this space. Your eye doesn’t see it as a kitchen and living room, rather as one large “great room.”

Wood Look Porcelain Tile Floors

#2 Porcelain tile flooring that looks like concrete in the living room
The focal point in this room is clearly the natural stone fireplace and wall.  It is the textural difference between the rough wall stone and the smooth grey porcelain tile flooring that create interest in this space.

Black House (Steinman Renovation)

#3 Polished white porcelain tile flooring in the living room
This look is elegant and sophisticated. The porcelain tile flooring is glossy and reflective, which adds another dimension to the space.  The monochromatic shade of white used on the walls in this living room give this space a quiet, calm aura.


#4 Porcelain tile floors and fireplace surround that look like marble in the living room
Subtle variations from tile to tile are one of the reasons homeowners like to use marble tile; this look was created using porcelain tiles for the same effect! The soft hues of the tile are calming, and create an ideal backdrop to the colourful books.


#5 Wood-look polished porcelain tile flooring in the living room
Porcelain is available in large tile format, like the ones in this room. Here, they are arranged in a way that highlights the variation between tiles, it doesn’t look like stone or wood, but rather a unique blend between the two. The polish, or glaze, on these tiles adds an undeniable wow-factor to this living room.


Porcelain Tile Ideas for Your Bedroom

Get the luxury look of your dreams in your bedroom when using porcelain tile. There are an infinite amount of options available – colour, size, finish, pattern, texture, etc.

Some people think porcelain tile is too cold for the bedroom, however radiant heat can warm the tile’s surface.  A cost effective option is to use area rugs. They add warmth, texture, and comfort to a room.

Pros of using porcelain tile in the bedroom:

  • Heavy furniture like beds and dressers are usually tolerated.
  • Pleasantly cool in the summer.
  • Water resistant, don’t worry about tracking water in from the bathroom. (Keep in mind, wet porcelain can be slippery!)
  • Endless designs available.

Cons of using porcelain tile in the bedroom:

  • Can be cool underfoot unless you have radiant heating or rugs to walk on.

Top 5 Porcelain Tile Ideas for the Bedroom

#1 Porcelain tile floors that look like limestone in the bedroom
When you’re covering a spacious floor with limestone, it is a more wallet-friendly option to use a less expensive look-alike. This homeowner chose a rectangular shaped, staggered installed, limestone look-alike for his bedroom. All the benefits of porcelain with the cost savings and confidence of a lower maintenance product. Win/win.


#2 Wood-look porcelain floors with accent tile in the bedroom
Wood-looking porcelain is extremely popular in the world of flooring. It’s a comfortable, warm look that helps create a relaxing, cozy atmosphere in the bedroom.

Iris French Woods Larch Wood Look Porcelain Tile

#3 Polished white porcelain tiles for the bedroom floor
This picture looks as if it’s in black and white.  The bedroom illustrates how the designer was dedicated to a grey monochromatic colour palette. The hues are trendy right now; however, the large format white porcelain tiles are timeless.

Contemporary Flooring

#4 Rustic looking faux wood porcelain tiles in the bedroom
Get the rustic, farm-style floors you want with virtually no upkeep! Wood-looking porcelain tiles are available in all kinds of styles and colours.

Blendart Mix Grey 6

#5 Unique grey porcelain tile for the flooring and wall in the bedroom and adjoining bathroom
The porcelain tiles mimic layers of natural rock and the floor and walls create interest due to the varying use of size.  The large format on the floor is complimented by the narrow rectangular tiles on the wall.  The use of a smaller tile on the wall also creates a pattern for visual interest.

Just Tile & Marble Projects

Porcelain Tile Ideas for Your Laundry Room

Porcelain tiles are a favourite in the laundry room due to its endurance. They provide durabilty, cleans easily and gives many aesthetic options.  Design tip: a light coloured floor will camouflage dust and lint.

Pros of using porcelain tile in the laundry room:

  • Brightly coloured laundry detergent and clothing dyes won’t stain porcelain tiles.
  • Many color, texture and pattern options.
  • Low maintenance.

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Cons of using porcelain tile in the laundry room:

  • Hard to stand on for long periods of time. A rug or slippers would solve this problem.
  • Can be slippery when wet, be sure to clean up spills asap.

Top 5 Porcelain Tile Ideas for your Laundry Room

#1 Porcelain tile for the flooring and countertops in the laundry room
This laundry room mixes colors/patterns, but it works! The flooring is a porcelain tile that looks like calacatta marble, the countertops are a grey granite, and the sharp, white subway patterned tile backsplash is made of glazed porcelain tile.

1512 Dolphin Terrace

#2 Porcelain tile that mimics slate for the laundry room floor
Porcelain tiles in this laundry room look like natural slate. The colours look realistic and repeat the earth tones of the cabinets and baskets.

Coastal Eclectic

#3 Farmhouse laundry room with rustic white wood-look porcelain tile flooring
Distressed wood-look porcelain tiles set the tone of this rustic farmhouse laundry room.

Farmhouse Laundry Room in Barrington Hills

#4 Porcelain slate looking tile in a pinwheel pattern on the laundry room floor
Here’s porcelain being a more durable, less-expensive alternative to real slate tiles. The pinwheel pattern is created by mixing 14″ x 14″ and 7″ x 7″ tiles.

Forest Avenue

#5 Porcelain tile backsplash and flooring in the laundry room
Grand, glossy porcelain subway tiles used in this backsplash look uber modern in this stylish laundry room. Due to the color palate, the overall look is warm and inviting, creating a gorgeous place to do laundry in.

Orlando, Laundry with porcelain tiles splash-back

Porcelain Tile Ideas for Your Basement

Many basements include a game/movie area, bar, family room, etc. When considering what to use in your basement, think about surfaces that are easy to clean and durable. Imagine that you are hosting a party and a glass of red wine is spilled. Or the kids have a movie night and they drop sticky food and slide chairs around to get a better view. This is the reality of basement use – durability and ease of clean-up is paramount. Knowing that end-of-the-night clean-up will be a breeze will make you more likely to invite company over.

Pros of using porcelain tile in the basement:

  • Durable against heavy traffic from children’s toys and parties.
    Stain resistant.
  • In areas that are exposed to moisture, porcelain tile is a desirable choice.
  • Longer lasting than carpet.

Cons of using porcelain tile in the basement:

  • Covering a large floor area is more expensive than carpet, lino, etc.
  • Porcelain tile flooring can create echos and be loud when stepped on with shoes.

Top 5 Porcelain Tile Ideas for the Basement

#1 Porcelain tile flooring in a basement bar
Porcelain flooring is the most practical option. It won’t get damaged by dropped items, and it won’t stain when spilled on – imagine red wine on carpet!

Basement Bar

#2 White porcelain tile flooring in the basement
This open concept basement with a sleek, modern design takes advantage of porcelain tile’s ability to withstand heavy wear, like kids driving their toy trucks on it.  The light coloured floor brightens the space and adds contrast to the maple wood slatted room dividers.

Loft-Like Basement Renovation

#3 Wood-look porcelain tile flooring in the basement
These realistic wood-looking porcelain tiles bring warmth and sophistication to this basement without the worry of water damage to sensitive hardwood flooring. Here are some of the common causes of water damage in the basement.

Olde Barn Wood PorcelainTile

#4 Porcelain tile that looks like slate for the basement floor
You’ll have to look closely to see that this “slate” floor is actually porcelain tile! These unique looking tiles fit perfectly with this nature themed, traditional basement.

Fox Hollow-New construction Chadds Ford, Pa

#5 Porcelain tile flooring in a herringbone pattern for the basement
Porcelain tiles allow for many installation options: straight, brick pattern, staggered, and herringbone to name a few. The image below displays the intricacies of a herringbone installation.  While there is added cost and waste involved, the end result is stunning.

Wyckoff NJ-Basement living

Porcelain Tile Ideas for Your Outdoors

The materials used in outdoor spaces need to be able to wear well against the elements. In Edmonton, we experience extreme outdoor weather: rainstorms that last weeks, hail, heavy snow, baking hot sun for days, and high winds. Porcelain tile is the smart choice for patios, outdoor kitchens, and around the pool because of its superior strength.

Here’s how to tell how strong a porcelain tile is.

If installed properly and maintained well, porcelain tile can last a lifetime outdoors.

Pros of using porcelain outdoors:

  • Frost, moisture, and mildew resistant. Won’t mold.
  • Extremely hard. Heavy furniture, barbecues, tables, planters, and wading pools will not strain porcelain tile.
  • Comes in all kind of lookalike styles so you can achieve the look you want at a better price and with less maintenance.
  • Can be used on walls, floors, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, and more!

Cons of using porcelain outdoors:

  • Can be slippery when wet. Keep a squeegee nearby.
  • Can be very slippery when it has snow on it. Be careful when shovelling!

Top 5 Porcelain Ideas for the Outdoors

#1 Petrified wood-look porcelain tiles for a patio
These wood-look porcelain tiles shine in the sun and make a beautiful outdoor space to complement the beauty surrounding it. This patio could last a lifetime and be host to hundreds of dinner parties, which is much longer than a typical wood patio would. Plus it’s very low maintenance. All the owners of this patio need to clean up after said dinner parties is a (large!) mop!

Ceramic & Porcelain Tile ideas

#2 Outdoor shower and wall decorated with porcelain tile
Some designers swear by porcelain tile for use outside. It’s really the best material for creating artistic design elements like the walls on this outdoor shower and patio because they give you the best of both worlds: fashion and function!

Palo Alto Residence

#3 Wood-look porcelain tile in a herringbone pattern for an outdoor kitchen
Achieving the herringbone pattern with these wood-look porcelain tiles isn’t easy. Each tile has to be measured, cut, and carefully installed, but in the end it’s worth it to have floors like these!

Outdoor Kitchen Pool Cabana

#4 Porcelain tile on a Spanish-style patio
Warm tones of brown and beige make this Spanish home look comfortable and inviting. This is a great example of a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor space. Those tiles look too beautiful to be outside, but they were made for it!

Hilltop Hacienda

#5 Dark wood-look porcelain tile that continues from the indoors to the outdoors
Speaking of seamless transitions from indoors to outdoors, here’s another example where what’s good for the interior is good for the exterior too. The dark wood-look porcelain tile is a sophisticated upgrade to traditional wooden decks.

Sophsticated Beach Patio

Which of these ideas appeal to you? Are you a fan of the wood-look porcelain tiles? Could you see a porcelain countertop in your dream kitchen?

Let us know your favourite ideas in the comments.

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