Ownership – Custom Home Build: What Do I Need to Know? (Part 7)

Your home is complete; you have done your final walk-through and are ready to move into your new custom home. All legal paperwork is finalized; you are officially a homeowner. Congratulations!

As members of the Alberta New Home Warranty Program, it is mandatory to complete a “Certificate of Possession” prior to moving into your new home. This document is a checklist to ensure a thorough final home tour with yourself and your home builder. It also confirms that your custom home is completed to your satisfaction.

Information regarding maintaining and operating your new home will be provided at that time. You will be asked to turn on taps, open windows, operate doors and cabinetry. Any discrepancies will be documented and resolved.

Make a Checklist to Ensure You Have a Smooth Move into Your New Custom Home

When preparing to move, being organized will be your biggest asset. Here are a few checklist items:

  • Decide on a mover
  • Amend home insurance
  • Out with the old! Sort through what stays and goes
  • Arrange appliance delivery
  • Confirm utility / telephone / internet / satellite / cable hook ups
  • Address change for bank accounts, bills, credit cards, drivers licence and registration, schools, etc.

Also, check out HGTV’s tips on moving.

It has been a long journey, and now you are the proud owners of your new custom dream home! Your home will serve as a place of comfort, a place to set your roots, and a place where memories will be made.

You will have a one year walk-though with your builder. Be sure to keep an ongoing list of items to review at that time.

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