The Building Process – Custom Home Build: What Do I Need to Know? (Part 6)

Your blueprints are complete, your mortgage is in place, paperwork is signed off, and you have made your selections to personalize your new custom home.


The home building process is underway… Construction begins once building and development permits are approved.

Your Home Goes up! Here are the phases your house will go through:

Foundation – The lot is surveyed and staked out then the ground is excavated. Form boards are put in place where concrete is poured to form the foundation walls.

Structure – Your home will start to take shape once the construction professionals frame the walls and complete the roof.

Windows are installed and the roofing work is completed. This is also called the ‘close up’ stage.

Rough-ins – Your home’s infrastructure is created when the utilities are complete. Electrical, heating, plumbing, and AV wiring all get roughed in and ready for drywall and insulation.

Exterior – During this stage, the home’s exterior walls are finished and the interior work will now begin.

Insulation/Drywall – All exterior walls and ceilings are now installed with energy efficient insulation. Once the inspection of insulation is complete, all walls and ceilings are dry walled.

Interior – Many of the finishes and fixtures you have previously selected are now being installed. Your home is beginning to have its own personal style.

Your home has grown from an idea to a blueprint and finally into your custom home.

As your Possession Date is coming closer, are you starting to prepare yourself for the sale of your existing home?


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