Willingness to Change – Listening to that Inner Voice

If you want something different, you must be WILLING to do something you’ve never done.
Thomas Jefferson

How many times do we see someone doing something out of their comfort zone and think, I wish I could do that? Well you know what, you can! We are our own worst critic. What makes that person any different than you? Just the willingness to change.

My Journey of Change

My own personal growth happened gradually. I have always been affected by my environment…lighting, color, space, comfort. For me, adjusting my surroundings to suit my needs was a natural progression. It started with little things like changing the paint color in a room to give it character or warmth. Then I changed the color scheme of our entire house.


Next, I started playing with lighting – I enjoy many levels of lighting; a balance between task, ambient, and overall lighting. This was long before the HGTV craze.


Listening to that Creative Voice Inside

Something inside me wanted more. I could feel the pull to go back to school, but thought, “How could I do this? I am too busy!” We had a 1-year-old, I was working three days a week, and we were starting a business. Was I crazy? Well, a little maybe. It was the most fulfilling and stressful time of my life, but,  if given the opportunity, I would do it all over again. It showed me what I am made of and was the push we needed to start Canterbury Homes Inc (a custom luxury home builder headquartered in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada).

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I was willing to take a chance. I listened to that voice inside me saying that I deserved to venture out and see where my curiosity would take me. I made a commitment to go back to school and went for it. We often drown out that voice because we put others first. What if we could tip the scales and remember that we also need to be on the list of priorities? I encourage you, don’t hold back, be all that you can be… Those around you will also be motivated by your growth.

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