Custom Home Building – Design for You

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Building a custom home should be approached just as such. You are building something custom, to suit you and your family’s needs, and you shouldn’t be shy about the things you want. Don’t think about resale. Think about functionality. The reason you are building a custom home is that you aren’t interested in something older, something built for another family, or something that needs work. 

Features – The World is Your Oyster

Looking for inspiration for your custom home? The possibilities are endless. Whatever you can dream of, we can do. In case you need some help, here are a few ideas for getting your custom home build started. 

Workout Room

Staying healthy is more important than ever, and why leave the comfort of your home to exercise? Sure, it may be nice outside in the Summer, but if you want to lift weights or spend some time running during bad weather, having your own custom gym really is the way to go. Custom gyms can be designed however the homeowner prefers. Custom mirrors can be created and set up, rubber flooring, ventilation, and water features (sinks, fountains, showers) are all possible. 

Sauna/Steam Room

What’s better at the end of the day than a steam or a sweat in your own home? It’s a chance to experience total bliss in total comfort, with silence or your favorite music/podcast playing. All of this can be built. Your custom home should suit you, and if you are looking for ways to destress after work, your home should offer that to you. 

Heated floors

Certain rooms in your home lend themselves to heated floors. While most homeowners are not adding them to every room, some common places include kitchens and bathrooms. These floors are the exact thing you didn’t even know you needed. Walking on one in the morning sends a strong feeling of comfort through your body at a time when it is most vulnerable. We all know how shocking a cold floor can feel on a barefoot. 

Custom Wine Racks

Wine racks are a place where a person’s creativity is the only limit. Custom wine racks can be recessed into walls, use recycled materials or any number of other materials, come refrigerated, or any other element you have always wanted. This is your custom home – you get to make the decisions. 

Smart Technology

We’ve all heard of Alex and Siri, but did you know you can actually have smart technology incorporated into the build of your home? No more desktop gadgets to have access to smart features. Smart homes are truly the future our parents and their parents dreamt of. Voice-activated functions such as thermostats, music, lighting and more, can all be controlled this way. 

Stone Features

Natural stone always makes a dramatic statement in a home. When incorporated tastefully into the interior of a custom home, it can be more than just a conversation piece. It can be the anchor or soul of the home. Feature walls and floors are some of the more common incorporations we see, however, we can likely make anything work that you have in mind.  

Live Plant Wall

Not just something aesthetically pleasing, but also a feature in your home that actively generates fresh air, a live plant wall breaks up the lines of the manmade features in your home offering a chance to feel nature while indoors. It also never fails to impress visitors.

Luxury Bathrooms

Bathrooms have evolved massively over the years and many master bathrooms are now becoming places where homeowners can retreat to a beautiful bath, or a shower so perfect it’ll give you goosebumps. Custom, large, luxurious tubs with jets can make you forget all your troubles, while walk-in glass-enclosed rain showers drizzle water gently from above, in front, the sides, or just about anywhere else. 

Custom Game Rooms

There is a child in all of us and sometimes that inner child wants to play. A custom game room is the best way to satisfy that urge. We can set up a room to cater to whatever your needs may be. We can build a space for a LAN center, arcade cabinets, televisions from any generation, custom surround sound, lighting, and more. There really is no limit to the amazing features we can build into your dream game room.

So, Let’s Talk

Building a custom home is a big step for most families and getting it right should be priority number one. If you’re interested in building a custom home, talk to a member of our team and start the brainstorming process. That’s the most fun – thinking about what features you want in your home. If you aren’t sure where to start, our experts can help you there too!

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