Smart Home Automation for Your Custom Home

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“The truth is, these days when people buy a new home, they expect it to have some home automation features,” says Chris Underschultz, the owner of AV Works.

Based in Sherwood Park, Alberta, AV Works collaborates with Canterbury Homes Inc. to provide home automation solutions in their luxurious custom built homes.

Home automation is just one of the terms we use to describe the features that make our homes seem less like the homes of our parents and more like the homes of the Jetsons. Things like keyless entry, remote controlled thermostats, security systems that text you when someone’s on your property, and more.

We’re not quite at the point where we can get groomed and dressed with the push of a button, but you will be amazed at all the options you have when you’re building your dream home with Canterbury Homes Inc. and the great people at AV Works.

A House Less Ordinary

Isn’t it amazing that in what feels like a few short years, just about everything has gone digital?

Our cell phones have become our lifelines. We do everything with them from banking, shopping, and communicating to playing games and finding things in the dark.

Now, we can even use our cell phones to control our homes!

Here are some of the incredible home automation options you can include in your custom home and control with your smart phone:

Smart Thermostat

One of the biggest expenses of running your home can be the cost of heating it. A wireless, smart thermostat can make a big difference. You can do the basics like creating day, night, and vacation settings, but you can also make settings for workouts, parties, or cold winter nights.

Security System

When you’re away, a security system will let you connect with your home. You will quickly find that your cameras and notifications are useful for more than just making sure strangers aren’t in your home. You can also check on kids, parents, or pets, see that the house-sitter is watering the plants, or make sure contractors and repairmen are working.

Chris, of AV Works, loves his smartlock system because it notifies him when his kids get home from school every day. That gives him peace of mind that they’re safe and on time.

Forgot to lock the door? Not a problem with a smartlock. You can lock it remotely with a quick tap on your phone.

Lighting Control

Does it drive you crazy when you have to walk around the house turning off lights? If you automate your lighting, you can check which lights are on and turn them off as needed.

Automated lighting can also adjust indoor and outdoor lights automatically with increasing or decreasing lights: Lights will get dimmer as the sun rises and brighter as the sun sets.

You can program settings for different occasions, too! Create settings for movie nights in front of the TV with your family, or make a special setting for when you entertain.

Lighting control is so convenient and easy, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Front Door Camera

A front door camera could be part of a security system or a standalone item that lets you see who’s at the door. You might not think burglars would be brave enough to break into your house through the front door, but it’s actually one of the most common points of entry for thieves! (Want to know where else they enter? Read this!)

Apart from security, a front door camera can be indispensable for you if you’re waiting for a package to be delivered or if you’re running late and see that a guest has arrived.

Home Audio

Whether you’re an audiophile or you just appreciate high-quality sound, you’ll love a fully integrated, automated home audio system.

AV Works can build your system to be completely hidden in the walls or stylishly visible, depending on your personal tastes. Control of the system is easy and highly customizable. You can make settings for your day, night, your home theatre, and more.

If you have a security system, you can get alerts and notifications through your audio system, which will be heard even if you’re nowhere near the front door.

Home Theatre

A custom home theatre system includes the perfect combination of lights, sound, visuals, and automation to make your home the best place to play games and watch movies. Home theatres are one of AV Works’ specialties and they’ve won awards for their systems, including one for this Scene-stealing Home Theatre.

Motorized Window Shades

Motorized window shades are all about convenience. You can adjust shades with a button rather than struggling with cords and knobs. The lack of cords and knobs also makes for a clean, streamlined look to your wall decor.

Home automation is about using technology to perform tasks in new and easy ways, but what it comes down to… What people really want is to be more in touch with their homes, even when they’re not home.

What’s Popular in Home Automation?

Security, energy efficiency, and “control-ability” are what today’s homeowners are looking for when they’re building their ideal homes. Some of the options AV Works has provided for Canterbury Homes Inc. in the past are front door cameras, keyless deadbolts, smart thermostats, and automation controllers.

AV Works consults with each client to find out which home automation features they would like to add to their homes. They also learn what the client’s specific tastes are. Some people want everything seamless and hidden. Others want elements that grab your attention.

So, it’s fair to say that there isn’t a certain feature that everyone is asking for lately. The trend in home automation is personal customization.

AV Works and Canterbury Homes Inc. Make a Great Team

Chris from AV Works is happy to work with Canterbury Homes Inc. They both really care about what they’re building and always put the customer first. They take pride in what they do and they’re proud of the products they offer–products that perfectly complement the Canterbury Homes Inc. aesthetic.

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