2017 Top 10 Luxury Home Trends

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The 2017 Trends for Home Style and Interior Design

What can you expect for home trends this year? After researching some of the top Designer Sites, here is the shortlist of Top 10 Trends for 2017 …

1. 2017 Pantone Color of the Year

Ready for it… Pantone 15-0343 “Greenery”

According to Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director at the Pantone Color Institute the color represents:

• Refreshment

• Rejuvenation

• Rebirth

“We love that feeling of newness, a realigning of yourself and revitalizing yourself. A really important aspect is that the color has vibrancy and a little bit of brightness”.

2. Butterflies

Elle Décor Magazine has said to expect to see butterflies, a happy motif which symbolizes both grace and optimism – it’s no longer just for children.

You can expect to see the butterfly motif in items such as wallpaper.

3. Mixed Patterns

Most trends first spin off the fashion industry – this trend was first seen in the New York fashion week and has made it into the world of interior design.

Tip: A quick way to pick up on this trend is to change your existing duvet cover or comforter to a bold mix of colors and patterns – Let it be the show-stopper in your bedroom!

4. Faux Finishes

Another trend listed by Elle Décor Magazine:

Faux finishes are an alternative to its more expensive counterpart and are getting popular.

[Tweet “Faux materials help rein in the budget but are also a reliable alternative #yegdesign #yeghomes #shpk”]

Here are a few products to try:

• Faux wood products such as plank tile used as a durable floor alternative to hardwood flooring. It requires less maintenance and is pet friendly.

• Engineered Quartz is available in faux marble patterns, the added benefit is instead of soft marble it will withstand heat and staining.

Expect other faux trends such as: leather countertops and marble wallpaper.

5. Move Over Black – Navy is Back

A modern twist for 2017 is using navy where the previous “go to” was black. Navy works with most color schemes and will give your space a modern, fresh feel.

Imagine how stunning a navy island would look with warm brushed gold fixtures and wide plank flooring. It would be the statement piece in your luxurious kitchen.

6. Move Over DIY… We are Looking for a Higher Quality Items

With the explosion of Pinterest, the DIY scene has been off the chart. A new trend towards professionally crafted items is on the rise.

High-level, skilled workmanship items such as hand blown glass and fine wood pieces, to name a few.

7. Matte White Pottery

The trend for high-level, skilled, crafted items mentioned in trend #6 will lend itself to the rise of Matte White pottery such as vases, bowls, etc.

These items are warmer than the previous glossy white accessories as they add an organic and textural element to the space.

8. Chunky Knit

This popular heavy knit is showing up in throw blankets, toss pillows and bed covers.

Chunky knit adds a textural quality to a space and will keep us warm until the landscape in Edmonton has shifted from white to green.

9. Shiplap Carries On… Or Does It?

A have had mixed articles written both “pro” and “con” shiplap.

House Beautiful Magazine stated the “Fixer Upper” inspired farmhouse look will carry on for 2017. Joanna Gaines has shown how country-chic can work by using little or a lot of shiplap.

On the contrary Kayla, Managing Editor HGTV said, “I’m tired of shiplap and the whole cottage-inspired, farmhouse-chic look. There. I said it. I like when Joanna Gaines does it because it’s her signature look. But if you have a “Fresh Baked Pies Here” faux vintage sign, then I expect there to be real pies in your kitchen.”

10. Texture

A soft velvet sofa, faux fur, luxurious fabrics… Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Texture gives us comfort and wraps us in warmth after a long day.

One way we connect with our surroundings is by touch. We feel drawn to fabrics that entice our senses, so it makes sense that we want our homes to be full of luxurious textures.

For 2017, choose a trend that speaks to you, works with what you already have, and will add some needed update to your current surroundings.

Happy shopping!
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